Goals for House District 41A

I will work on restructuring policies that let people keep more of their own money.  Our tax dollars are going to many failed programs like MNSure, MNLars and MNIT.  Currently the quick fix is to pour more money into them.  That is NOT a solution.

Businesses and jobs are leaving Minnesota due to high taxes and burdensome regulations.  Removing unnecessary regulations while keeping protections in place and streamlining the permitting process would be a good start.  Making Minnesota a business-friendly state will retain and bring new businesses to invest, expand and create jobs to boost our economy making life better for all.

Trade and Tech schools should be promoted as a great alternative to a 4-year college to inspire students who prefer not to go to college or pay massive student loans by giving them more choices and opportunities when deciding their future.  There is a need for skilled trade workers.



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